If you are getting high voltage more than 230 VOLTS SINGLE PHASE/400 VOLTS THREE PHASE
Then you can save substantial amount of MONEY by Installing


Capacity : 100 to 5000 KVA

General Trend of Voltage During Day Time
340 V - 400V
400 V - 440V
340 V - 400V
400 V - 430V
400 V - 470V
400 V - 450V
9:00 to 12:00 Hrs. 12:00 to 14:00 Hrs.
Lunch Hours
14:00 to 18:00 Hrs. 18:00 to 22:00 Hrs.
Peak Hours Restriction
22:00 to 5:00 Hrs. 5:00 to 9:00 Hrs.


Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in every part of the country. The industrial units running round the clock, usually face the problem of low and high voltage. 90% of industrial load motors . Electric motors draw considerably high current at low & high voltage. This higher current affects the electrical motors ( particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5 H.P.) in three ways:
  1. Higher current produces higher losses in electrical motors which causes premature failure winding.
  2. These higher losses of electric motors also increase the losses of cables, switches,  transformers and other associated equipments.
  3. For smooth continuous operation of motors, overload relays are usually set at 20% higher setting.
Adverse Effects of Single Phasing
  1. The line current increases by 1.5 times.
  2. If the relay setting is at 15-20% higher than actual operating current then the relay will take 4-6 minutes to trip.
  3. The motor ( particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5 H.P) cannot withstand this high current for such a long time and in most of the cases it burns out before the relay trips.
  4. Heavy short circuit current flows through the relays, contactors, cable etc.
  5. Under this condition when the relay, contactor trips, they produce sparks and some times burst.
  6. This further damages the switch gear and in some of the cases may cause fire also.
with the installation of the stabilizer and maintaining 390/400 volts, the motor will operate smoothly drawing 15-20% lesser current and correspondingly the relay setting can be reduced by 15-20% In case single phasing occurs, the relay will trip in 40-50 seconds. The motor can withstand the high current fot this period and will be safe. Also, the relays, contactors, switchgears, etc. incorporated with the motor will be safe

Who Needs A Stabilizer

The industrial units having acute /higher failure rate of Electrical Equipments such as bulbs tubes, chokes, starter, contactor coils & motors (particularly smaller capacity motors upto 7.5 H.P) etc. should verify that it may be due to HIGHER voltage. You may note down Hourly readings of voltage variation for few days. If you find that input voltage is above 230 volts single phase / 400 volts Three phase even for few hours a day, then you definitely require a stabilizer.

How to Access Higher Losses & Low Power Factor in Industrial Units Without Installing Stabilizer
Note down hourly readings of current and voltage of one motor operating at constant load for 2-3 days. From the different readings you will observe that the current drawn by the motor is minimum at 390/400 volts as compared to the current drawn at other voltages. This means that power consumed by the motor is minimum at 390/400 volts.
Also note down hourly readings of voltage and K.W. from your Electronic Energy Meter for 2-3 days. From the readings you will observe that K.W. is minimum at 390/400 volts in most of the readings as compared to the higher voltage.

If you find that the above collected details are true then you will certainly have the advantages after installing the Servo voltage stabilizer as mentioned on succeeding page.
The table below gives approximate quantitative advantages of Automatic Voltage Controller at various voltage fluctuation levels.
Input Voltage Variation Possible % Reduction In Breakdown Possible Appx. Power Saving
Motor Load Below 10hp Lighting Load Motor Load below 10hp Lighting Load
380-400 volts Nil Nil Nil Nil & no servo stabilizer required
400-420 volts 5% 10% 3% 5%
420-440 volts 10% 20% 5% 10%
440-460 volts 40% 40% 7% 20%
460-480 volts 60% 60% 10% 30%

Comparison Between Jindal's Make and Conventional Make  Automatic Voltage Controller

Jindal's" Make Roller Type Regulator Conventional Make with Carbon Brush Regulator
  1. Power consumption is 0.5 to 1.5% depending upon the input voltage range
  2. Suitable for continuous 100% duty cycle
  3. Life at full load is 15-20 years
  4. Five years unconditional guarantee
  5. Negligible losses in full boost & buck condition
  1. Power consumption is 2 to 7% under similar conditions
  2. Suitable for only 30% to 40% duty cycle
  3. Maximum life is 2-3 years at full load
  4. Normally guarantee for one year
  5. Max. Losses in full boost and buck condition


Up to 80% reduction in failure rate of electrical equipment
Energy saving up to 10% (up to 30% on lighting load)
Reduction in MDI
Improvement in Power factor
Uniform quality of end products
Improver Productivity of the plant


JINDAL'S Servo Voltage Stabilizers are available in a wide range and variour models, incapacities ranging from 100 KVA to 5000 KVA. The standard models conform to the following specifications:
Input Voltage (Volts) 360-450, 350 - 460, 340 - 480, 320 - 460, 300 - 460
Efficiency (Approx.) 99.5% 99% 98.7% 98.25% 98%
Output Voltage 400 V +/-1%, 3- Phase, 50 Hz
Cooling Natural Oil Cooled (upto 5000 KVA) / Air Cooled (upto 500 KVA)
Type Indoor / Outdoor
Temeprature Rise (Max) 30 degree centigrade above ambient tem perature
Mounting Uni-directional wheels
Correction Rate 6-8 V / Second (Up to 500 KVA) and 3-4 V / Second (Above 500 KVA)
Wave Form Distortion Virtually Nil
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous.

Pay-Back Period

Owing to its high efficiency & associated benefits, the pay-back period for the cost of JINDAL'S stabilizers is ganerally between 6 to 12 months. And it saves you significant costs in subsequent years through its life.


Cement Plants Rolling Mills Rubber Industries Distilleries & Beverages
Flour Mills Textile Mills Tea Estates Hospitals
Engineering Units Paper Mills Food Processing Units Nursing Homes
Pharmaceutical Units Tube Mills Oil & Vanaspati Plant Hotel & Clubs
Cold Storage Units Rice Shellers Footwear & Leather Units High Rise Buildings


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